Some of the panels we have previously facilitated are listed below.  If you have a specific topic you would like discussed in a panel at your event not on this list, please let us know.


The Best of Doctor Who

Who is your favorite Doctor, Villain, Monster and Companion?  Do you have a favorite or least favorite Episode, Story Arc or Heartbreaking Moment?  Do other Whovians agree?  It is time to find out in this interactive panel.  Come join us as we discuss the winners of the online vote and out opinions on the winners and losers.  Please make sure to vote in the online poll to have your votes heard!


Doctor Who Top Ten

What is your favorite Doctor Who story of all time?  Whovians have been voting online and it is now time to reveal the top ten winners in the Doctor Who Top Ten poll.  Come join our panel as we discuss our favorites and our opinions of the winners.  Remember please vote and have your voice heard at!


Now Missy after all these years

Our favorite evil Timelord has taken many forms throughout the years and is now a woman!  Join our panelists to discuss The Master in all of his incarnations and what the newest version means for the future of Doctor Who.


The Midnight Regeneration

Peter Capaldi has completed his first season as The Doctor.  Did he amaze or leave viewers wanting more?  Join our panelists as we discuss The Twelfth Doctor and what we hope is in store for Series 9.  Giveaways at this event.


Doctor Who Spin Off Adventures

From Torchwood to The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who has been granted multiple spinoffs.  Join the panelists as we discuss them all; yes, even K-9.


The TARDIS Library

The world of Doctor Who is always growing beyond the television show.  What new books and comics are on the horizon?  Have you listened to Big Finish Audio?  If you have never delved into the expanded word of The Doctor, where do you start?  Our team of enthusiasts will discuss everything Books, Comics and Audio Dramas in the world of Doctor Who.


Doctor Who Merchandising and Games

This is a great time to be a Doctor Who fan!  Everywhere you look there are Doctor Who merchandise, games and apps.  With the announcement of Doctor Who Legos where else can the show branch out?  Join our panelists as we discuss the fun world of merchandise and new products set to be launched.


Transitioning Companions

One of the most difficult roles companions can find themselves in is staying loyal to The Doctor even when his face and personality changes.  From Polly to Clara, how have these companions navigated the regeneration of their Doctor and how has their role helped the audience?  Join our panel as we discuss these true companions and how difficult the regeneration can be.


Diversity in Doctor Who

We just had our first female director and next season will have our first female writer for the television show.  How has Doctor Who traversed Diversity and has it been successful?  Join our panel as they discuss Diversity in Doctor Who.


The Four Doctors

Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee and Baker were truly the actors who laid the groundwork for Doctor Who.  Join our panelists as they discuss the first four Doctors and their adventures through Time and Space.


JNT and the End of a Classic

Jonathan Nathan Turner’s era began with Davison and continued through to the cancellation of Doctor Who.  How did Davison, Colin Baker and McCoy make the TARDIS their own and what led to the demise of our favorite television show?  Join our panelists as they discuss the victories and the turmoil of the JNT years.


RTD and Moffat – Redefining Time and Space

Since 2005 there have been two men at the heart of Doctor Who.  Writers Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat have both been instrumental in the return and success of Doctor Who after the hiatus.  Join our panelists as we discuss these men and their eras of Doctor Who.


Who Girls Live

Are you a Doctor Who Fan?  Do you love podcasts?  The girls from, Heather Maloney and Kerri Sharner, will host a live podcast to discuss all things Doctor Who.


Forwards and Backwards in Time

In The Doctor’s travels, he finds himself throughout time.  Does the destination help or hinder the story line?  Is it better for a Doctor Who story to take place in the past or in the future?  Join our panelists as they discuss the destinations of Doctor Who.


Villains and Adversaries of Doctor Who

They love to be bad, and we love them for it.  Without iconic villains such as The Daleks or The Cybermen would Doctor Who have such an everlasting appeal?  Join our panelists as they discuss the big baddies of Doctor Who and their impact on the show.


Classic for New Who Fans

For Whovians who joined The Doctor’s adventures in 2005 it can be a tempting yet overwhelming idea to go back and start watching Classic Who.  However, where do you start?  Join our panelists as they discuss the episodes to transition into the world of Classic Doctor Who.


After Who

Is it true that once an actor is in Doctor Who that they are forever type cast?  Join our panelist as they take a look at the careers of the cast after they left the show.

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